Go For Business Class

A lot of dentists are upgrading their office network to take advantage of year end tax savings. Below is a bit of advice from the dental hardware experts at TechCentral.

The decision to purchase business-class equipment comes down to both the computing power and the quality of the PCs you trust to run your business. Just because two computers have similar technical specifications doesn’t mean you’re getting the entire story. The quality of the components manufacturers use in their consumer-level and business-grade computers differs greatly. Dell offers both consumer-class computers and business-class computers.

Typically, business-class equipment has higher mean times between failures and is more reliable. The Dell OptiPlex series, for example, is a line of PCs designed for reliable business use, not light home use. These PCs are designed and tested to last longer compared to low-end PCs. Dell maintains a minimum 18-month life cycle on their business-class lines. This means that if you decide to add more PC later on, or replace your computers in phases, you have a higher chance of getting the same model of computer. Standardizing on one model of computer, or very few models, generally reduces your overall support costs and minimizes your headaches during software patching and upgrades.

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