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Hardware as a Service: The Vital Decision You Only Have to Make Once

From  Dentrix Magazine:

TechCentral by Henry Schein One has created OmniCore, which combines physical IT equipment with professional services to ensure that IT hardware, software, and security, including backups, are appropriately managed. With OmniCore, rather than incur the cost to purchase and support your networking hardware, TechCentral retains ownership of it, so they take on the responsibility of maintaining, updating, or replacing components automatically as they become out of date.

Source: Hardware as a Service: The Vital Decision You Only Have to Make Once – Dentrix Magazine

Ever since computers invaded dental offices thirty years ago dentists have been faced with the ongoing headache of buying, upgrading, repairing, trouble shooting, and replacing computer hardware. Finding a reliable dental IT professional was a constant challenge. Dentists were used to buying a chair or an x-ray unit that provided decades of use while needing minimal service. Computers are not like that. They need constant service and should be replaced every three to four years.

There is now a solution that is better than either buying or leasing hardware. That is to rent the entire system. Hardware as a service (HaaS).

With the New Year approaching now is a good time to be planning for the coming year. HaaS may be a good option for you if your computers are more than two years old or if you are still running Windows seven. Microsoft will cease support for Windows seven January 14.