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Henry Schein TechCentral – Protected Practice Solutions

SJust locking your practice’s front door at night doesn’t mean your practice is protected from intrusion or threats. Today, protecting your practice requires you to make network and data security a priority, especially now that more of your records, processes and data are digitized and accessible over the Internet.

via Henry Schein TechCentral – Protected Practice Solutions.

Tech Central is Henry Schein’s IT service for dental offices. They provide computers networking and support including data safety. Data safety and security is not a do it yourself project. You need the help of an IT professional to first do the right thing to protect your patients and second to CYA to protect yourself from HIPAA regulators.

They do not mention data encryption. If you do have a data breach, which could be a thief breaking into your office or a staff member misplacing a tape, the only thing that will protect you from having to declare the breach and inform your patients is if the lost data was encrypted.

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