How to Buy a Plasma TV

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How to Buy a Plasma TV

Everyone loves a thin TV with a huge screen. I’ll show you how to find a plasma display with a picture that looks as good as the set it comes on.
By Robert Heron

Pioneer Electronics offered the first plasma display panel to consumers in 1997, and the public immediately embraced the idea of owning a thin and flat television that you could literally hang on a wall. Prices for plasma TVs have reached a historic low, and for larger screen sizes, plasma displays offer the best value among thin and flat televisions. They are an ideal choice for quality home-theater viewing, and selecting the right one is a matter of understanding your needs and staying within your budget.

Modern plasma displays are capable of producing very dark blacks, making them well suited for viewing in dimly lit environments. They also excel at handling video containing quick motion. For sports and action-movie fans, there is no better flat-panel display technology available today.

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