How to Buy a Wireless Router

by Larry Emmott on February 10, 2012

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Wireless routers are the starring players in a home or small business network, yet they often cause great frustration for home users, business users, and anyone who is not a wireless networking guru. Don’t worry: we can help

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WiFi is becoming ubiquitous. There are plenty of reasons to have a WiFi network in a dental office. WiFi can take the place of a wired network but there are still issues of speed reliability and security, so in most cases WiFi should be used in addition to a wired network.

WiFi can be used to add a computer station to areas that may not have been wired originally, like a lab, or that are just hard to wire, like a room with no drop ceiling. WiFi can be used for personal tablets like an iPad for the dentist to take from room to room or for patients to fill out forms using something like YAPI. And you can create a WiFi portal to allow patients to connect while in the office.

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