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How to Know When to Outsource IT

A hat tip to Chris Miles the CEO of Miles Technologies in NJ for sending me this link. The gist of the article is that the cost of outsourcing IT support has fallen drastically in recent years. As Chris put it, “For less than the salary you would pay an employee, you can have your own dedicated team of technical consultants and access to your own personalized help desk, monthly meetings with your own IT services manager, 24/7 monitoring, anti-virus software and anti-spyware, spam protection, unlimited technical support and more.”

In dentistry we can find a local IT company with experience in dentistry or we can work with one of the large dental supply firms. Henry Schein, Patterson and Benco all offer IT setup and support for dental customers.

“The only rule of thumb,” Goodness says, “is that when you decide you need to hire a full-time IT operations and management person, then it’s time.”

via How to Know When to Outsource IT.

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