How to Set up Multiple Monitors

I used four monitors in my office and it was great. You can click and drag anything from one monitor to the next, you can even stretch a window out to cover more than one monitor. For the most part I would have the chart on one monitor, x-rays on another, photos on a third and the schedule on the fourth. Some times I would bring up a perio chart or the Internet…come to think of it six would have been even better 🙂

We have used two in the treatment rooms since 1998. One for the patient and another for the practice. Two at the front desk, one for the schedule an the other for the patient chart or the Internet.

The article linked below tells you how and why to do it. It is not difficult you just need multiple video cards.

…multiple screens can also make us faster, saving us from the task of constantly searching through files and folders for information.

via How to Set up Multiple Monitors – Add Monitors to Your Computer – Popular Mechanics.

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