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How to Turn a USB Stick into an Ultra Portable PC

Not only do portable apps let you hop between computers easily, they also keep your main machines clear of clutter and almost as speedy as when you first booted them up. If you’re yet to dive into the wonderful world of portable apps, here’s how you can get started.

Source: How to Turn a USB Stick into an Ultra Portable PC

This is very cool. It also has potential use in dentistry.

In a perfect world the dentist or even a trusted dental team member could have the entire denal office management system on a USB drive they could take home or on the road. This could be used to do work from a remote location, such as completing treatment plans or making collection calls. It would also be great for handling after hours calls.

The biggest concern at this time is security. The USB drive would need to be locked down and encrypted.

The other problem is that the major dental management system have limited or no portable apps.

Cloud based systems such as Curve or Dentrix Ascend offer a similar benefit. That is they can be accessed anywhere anytime as long as the user has an Internet connection and a password.

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