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In the Future, How Will We Talk to Our Technology?

datalossCFrom Wired:

“The number one rule is, it shouldn’t be a disruptive distraction,” says Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert who works with executives on business manners. “It’s enormously convenient to speak into Siri,” she says, but don’t be a jerk about it. And luckily, it’s a little easier now to do that.

Source: In the Future, How Will We Talk to Our Technology? | WIRED

We all want to talk to our computers like Star Trek. Just telling it what to do seems so much better than typing of clicking. Especially in dentistry it would be wonderful if we could interact with our technology without having to touch it. No asepsis issues and no looking away from what we are doing with a patient.

On the other hand there are few things more annoying than a person carrying on a blue tooth phone conversation in a public place, or listening to a stranger trying to get Siri to understand him by just yelling louder into the phone.

Voice commands are one of those things that look good in the sci-fi shows but so far don’t hold up in the real world

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