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An emerging sector in the medical industry is the use of the tablet PC for patient records. Tablet PCs allow medical professionals to take notes, access patient records and write prescriptions, all while talking to the patient and even standing up. X-rays, lab results and drug allergies or interactions are immediately accessible. Patients can enter information directly into the computer rather than paper records, which can be prone to error with data entry. InPlay is furthering the capabilities of e-health initiatives with our digital roadmap. For example, a doctor and administrator may use the same tablet PC, but only the doctor’s pen has access to prescriptions.

Why pen input?
Computer users are becoming more mobile. Pen input complements the traditional keyboard and mouse, enabling:Act_tablet01

  · Interaction while standing
  · Drawings and diagrams
  · Entry into forms and signature capability


  · Your own unique pen ID as a security device for your computer
  · Enabling multiple users to access the same system but with different access privileges based on pen identifiers
  · The ability to collaborate digitally in a meeting or teaching environment
  · Saving files in your pen for easy portability
  · Scanning documents into the pen for later download

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