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Interesting Technology at the New York Meeting: Tablets

Tablet style computers are popping up everywhere in response to the overwhelming popularity of the i-Pad. As cool and well designed as it is the i-Pad still suffers from, what in dentistry, is a major limitation; it is a Mac.

None of the mainstream dental applications will run natively in a Mac mode. To take advantage of i-Pad fever many dental vendors have developed i-Pad versions of their products. Most of these are web based applications which can be made i-Pad friendly relatively easily. Running a fully functional client server Windows application on an i-Pad is problematic.

Manufacturers of Windows based tablets have been scrambling to create a Windows tablet that can compete with the i-Pad in design, ease of use, coolness and price. So far we are still waiting. However Claude Berthoin of Video Dental Concepts has one again found a couple of interesting new products he was showing at the Greater New York meeting. They are Windows tablets from China that mimic the i-Pad.

One in fact looks very much like an i-Pad and the second is a much longer rectangle that for all the world looks like an oversized i-Phone.

Using a tablet in the dental office seems like it would be a great way to use computer technology but so far no one has done it well. Maybe the i-Pad and the coming Windows equivalents will make it happen.

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I am excited about the future of this technology….working on some ideas of my own Larry!


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