Is Your Hardware Ready for a Dentrix Upgrade?

From Dentrix Magazine:

Dentrix is a powerful, full-featured practice management software—but it’s only as good as the hardware it runs on. When you use outdated hardware in your practice, it can cause crashes and delays that bring headaches and can hurt your business.

Hardware or Software Problem?Computer problems can be hard to diagnose—most often we attribute issues with the software and overlook the hardware, but there are some common signs of hardware failure you should look for. Do these sound familiar?

  • Windows system crashes (“blue screen of death”)
  • Computer won’t boot properly
  • Software applications crash
  • Delays when accessing files because they are corrupted
  • Computer performance and speed are running slower

Source: Is Your Hardware Ready for a Dentrix Upgrade?

Maintaining up to date computer hardware is simply a cost of doing business in the 21st century. Computers should be upgraded every three to four years.

Understandably many dentists try to stretch the useful life of commuters and put off upgrades in an attempt to save money. Unfortunately, as the linked article makes clear this is all to often a false savings that ends up costing the practice far more than they seem to be saving.

For example old unsupported operating systems (think XP) are vulnerable to security issues and they simply do not run modern software apps efficiently. If you are still running XP and suffer a data breach you have no defense when the HIPAA police come calling.

You can make the expense of hardware replacement less of an issue by simply spacing it out over time. Replace approximately 1/3 of your computers every year and then you are always up to date yet never have a huge expense in one year.

Finally use a certified IT expert with dental experience.