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Keyboard Asepsis

Computer keyboards are notorious grunge hideouts. Many studies have found keyboards to be covered with grime and crawling with germs. Incidentally the filthiest keyboards were found in lawyer’s offices, but that is another story.

As dentists we have an obligation to keep our treatment room computers clean and germ free.

There are various ways of doing this. One way is to use water proof rubberized keyboards that can be sprayed and wiped down. In broad terms there are two types of sprayable keyboards. One has the keys raised like this:


These work but are hard to really clean as the user has to wipe between the raised keys. This is not simple and usually means using a cotton swab in addition to gauze pads.

The second type has a flat glass (or glass like) surface that can easily be sprayed and wiped in one motion:


These are easier to disinfect but cost more than other alternatives.

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