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Keyscan a Scanner in your Keyboard

I mentioned this product before,  thinking it would have value at the front desk. It is a document scanner built into a keyboard. That means no desk space sacrificed to a scanner, no leaving your chair to trudge across the office to scan a document then running back to save it to the proper chart.

I have been testing it out now for several weeks and it works just as advertized. I recomend it for any dental office wishing to reduce paper and create digital records.

Two issues: Most of us have become accustomed to wireless keyboards which can be placed anywhere on the desk without worries. The Keyscan is not wireless, it needs a USB connection to the computer and a power supply to run the scanner part. That means planning ahead to run the wires and have an available outlet. Second it is ideal for scanning a page or two that comes across the front desk. For example an EOB or a specialist report. It is not designed to do heavy duty multiple page scanning.

Overall…thumbs up.

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