Last Gadget Standing CES 2011

by Larry Emmott on January 14, 2011

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 The article linked below is to gadget contest at CES. You can follow the link for all the details. The winner was a dual screen laptop from Acer with advanced ten finger touch screen capability. Wow, it just makes my geeky heart flutter.

However in addition to being geekish it might actually have some killer applications in the dental office. One of my concerns about the new tablets (and laptops before them) was that the screen was limited and would not lend itself to how we actually work in a dental office. Dual screens might be a lot more effective.

Imagine for example that you have a patient radiograph displayed on one screen while you view their tooth chart on another. Or maybe you can have a patient-ed video running on one screen while actual photos and x-rays of the patient on the second screen.

Dual monitors in the treatment room have proven to extremely valuable. However, in the past, that meant using a desktop. This gadget transfers all the functionality of dual monitors to a portable device.

The suspense is over! Yesterday morning, a standing-room-only throng of CES attendees attended the tenth annual Last Gadget Standing event …The Last Gadget Standing–as determined by applause-o-meter at the event is Acer’s Iconia, a notebook with two 14-inch screens and a touchscreen interface.

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