Middle Things

Somewhere between a PDA and a laptop are some new mobile devices; OQOthey’re not as big as laptops but still not as small as a smartphone or PDA. They’ve been called sub-laptops or mega-PDAs; they’re the “middle things.” These devices are smaller, sleeker, and may be capable of doing some of the things you need it to do in a dental office.

A good example of a “middle thing” is the OQO Model 02. ( It is tiny (5.6″x 3.3″ x 1.0″) easily fits in your hand yet it is a powerful fully functioning computer. It runs Windows XP Pro. has a 1.6 GHz processor and a GB of memory. It is also pricey at $1800.

The future use of the Model 02 would be for the dentist to carry it with him/her anywhere in the office or beyond. The dentist could look up records record notes check x-rays write prescriptions and all the rest. On the other hand such a tiny device would not be appropriate for image capture, patient education or case presentation.

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