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TECHCENTRAL OMNICORELet TechCentral help eliminate your dental office IT stress with a fully managed and maintained all-in-one network infrastructure. Get all essential network IT hardware, services and support for one low monthly cost.

Source: OmniCore | TechCentral

Tech Central the hardware division of Henry Schein One has developed an all in one hardware package which they are now offering as a service. You do not buy or lease the hardware you contract with Tech Central to supply your tech infrastructure. It is part of the new trend XaaS, Anything as a Service.

Having a up to date, secure, trouble free IT infrastructure is simply a cost of doing business in 2018. Computers, operating systems and software applications need to be updated constantly. Best practice calls for computers to be replaced every three years. Keeping up with all this is expensive and a major headache for the typical solo practitioner dentist. XaaS takes all that away. The dentist simply pays a monthly fee and Tech Central specs the hardware, sets it up, maintains it and replaces it as needed.