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PC(Point of Care) Cart

The company linked below, AFC Industries has a line of specialized computer stations including the Point of Care series (shown here at the left). I found out about these from an e-blast.

PC500battery_300These carts even have a battery for completely mobile operations. This might be useful in a remote clinic or a hospital OR situation however I am not a fan of mobile carts in the dental office; for all kinds of reasons. Not the least of which is that for the cost of a good cart you could add several complete work stations that would be faster better and much easier to access than a mobile cart.

It is a truism that if any piece of equipment can be moved it will not be where you need it when you need it and time and effort will be wasted getting it in to position.

On the other hand the site has a number of other very interesting designs for work stations (shown below) with multiple monitors and other options which could make ideal stations for radiograph diagnostic or treatment planning.



PC(Point of Care) Cart.

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