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Putting Treatment Room Computer Monitors in Their Place

45-179-195In case you missed it: Dentalcompare from August.

Where to put the treatment room computer monitors is a dilemma for many offices.

A monitor needs to be positioned so the assistant can access it easily to input data—such as chairside charting—while maintaining eye contact with the dentist and patient. The monitor must also be close enough for the dentist to view radiographs or photos for diagnosis, or to read the chart. And finally, a monitor needs to be in a position that the patient can view in order to see his or her own radiographs or photos as well as patient education programs.

There is also the public/private issue. Some things we want the patient to see such as his or her own chart, x-rays, photos or patient education materials related to the case. On the other hand sometimes you just don’t want the patient seeing what is displayed. That would include another patient’s chart or even the daily schedule. That is practice information.

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We are weaving technology into the fabric of every day life. A few years ago computers were an after thought, added on to a room that was designed for clinical efficiency, the computer was awkward, in the way and unattractive. We tried to force a device designed to sit on a desk into a room with no desks.

Today dental cabinetry and the rooms themselves are designed with technology in mind. Still where to put things for the most efficient use is still an issue and as new hardware and new clinical devices continue to proliferate we are faced with new challenges.

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