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Quick Dental Office Hardware Budget

desktopYear end is fast approaching. Computers and digital technology has become just as important to a dental office as telephones and cotton rolls. It is good business practice to budget for the coming year. The following is a rough estimate of a fully computerized general dental office with four treatment rooms.

Basic Requirements

Server                                                                                   $3,500

4 Treatment Rooms @ $2,200 ea.                             $8,800

2 Business @ $1,000 ea.                                                $2,000

Doctor’s Office                                                                     $1,800

Network and Setup                                                           $3,500  

Total                                                                                      $19,600



Consultation                                                                      $1,500

Tablet                                                                                   $ 600 ea.

As a rule of thumb computers should be replaced every three to four years. This is a cost of doing business in the digital age. Budget enough to upgrade one third of your hardware infrastructure every year. That would be about $6,500 per year for our hypothetical office.

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