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Raves for the Potato

Remarks from Dr. Pam Doray a dentist in Philadelphia:

“I’ve found that patients are universally impressed by the(Dental Chair Potato) DCP’s sleek ergonomic design, especially first time patients who seem genuinely ‘wowed’ by the experience and delighted that they can be distracted by TV or movies without the discomfort from a glaring hot operating light in their eyes.  They also tell their family and friends which generates a surprising amount of new patients for my practice. 
Lastly, I wanted an excellent operatory light, minus heat and glare.  What I love about the DCP’s fiber optic lighting system is that it fully integrates with the monitor, and angles easily for different procedures.”
Though I purchased the DCP primarily as a patient benefit, what I didn’t count on was how much more efficiently I can work when the patient is so relaxed.  I stop less frequently, I can set the break times, the office environment is more relaxed, and I complete appointments more quickly which is greatly appreciated by mid-day patients who need to get back to work on time.  We have also noticed a substantial reduction in cancelled appointments.”

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