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Recycle Your Old Gadgets and Devices

compfillIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from September,

…it is hard to just toss out a gadget you paid many hundreds or thousands of dollars for just a few years ago. Also it is not really environmentally friendly to fill our landfills with outdated electronics. There are better alternatives…

…Even if you can’t sell them, your old gadgets do have materials and parts that can be recycled…

Three things to keep in mind when it comes to old electronics

  • The hard drive must be completely wiped clean of all your old data, especially patient information. This does not mean you just delete the data by throwing it in the trash. You need to actually run a program to completely erase the information or remove and destroy the hard drive. Keep clear records of what was donated or sold and how the data was removed or destroyed.
  • The sooner the better. If you are no longer using a device, sell or donate it as soon as you can. A computer that is three years old can be refurbished and used by students; a computer that is six years old will be recycled for parts.
  • Include related materials. If you are donating a computer, include any manuals, keyboards, cables, software, etc., you have that you no longer need.

via Emmott On Technology: Recycle Your Old Gadgets and Devices |

The Holidays are upon us and many people will be getting new high tech devices. What to do with the old ones? The article above provides links to places where you can sell, recycle or donate old electronics.

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