Hardware Security

Semi Trucks and Six Packs

InneRAID® Duo Prod_75200_l
The InneRAID® Duo is a robust and easy-to-use internal RAID solution for protecting data and ensuring system availability. It offers a turn-key solution by a rugged disk enclosure with hot-swappable trays, durable fan cooler, and reliable RAID controller. Using SATA host interface and 100% hardware RAID approach, InneRAID® Duo is definitely the excellent RAID solution for various applications.

ACCUSYS: The RAID Architect- Products : InneRAID: ACS-75200.

Look at this site for some reliable and reasonable priced RAID options. When your hardware guy trys to sell you a RAID 5 SCSI set up for $2,000 say what about this, its only $250?

RAID 5 is an excellent system for data security it is just a lot more than most dentists need, it is like using a semi truck to haul a six pack.

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