Small is Beautiful

These mini computers are not only energy efficient they are small. Really small, like five by six inches. They can even be attached to the back of a monitor

By: Tom Block

In 2008, Intel released two energy efficient processors that
significantly reduce energy demand:

1. The Atom processor family which is the smallest and lowest power
processor available draws 12 Watts.

2. The Core 2 Duo Mobile processor family draw 25 Watts.

Comparing wattage loads the Core 2 Duo (Penryn) processor family draws
65 Watts and Core 2 Quad Extreme (Yorkfield) draws 130 Watts. 

How you benefit by switching to a mobile platform in real dollars:
Consider a ten workstation office averages $800/year in electricity cost.
By switching to mobile platforms you reduce that cost to $310/year. 
Think about what you can do with an extra $490 dollars per year in direct
savings.  In five years time you’ll add $2,450 to your bottom line.

Mobile processors operate at lower temperature generating less heat. 
Less heat means a longer service life and reduces your cooling cost during
warmer weather.  Smaller form factors also are easier to service and
clean, meaning no more dust bunnies accumulating behind those bulky beige boxes.

When shopping for new computers search for ones that are small (>2 liters),
energy efficient and energy star compliant. You’ll be helping yourself
save money and reduce your carbon footprint. That helps your children
and the planet.

Tom Block is Founding Partner of Block Data Systems, LLC
Block Data is a certified green business specializing in energy efficient
computers, storage, and network devices for the dental community.

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