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Speaking the Truth? Not at Best Buy

From Katherine Eitel Belt:

Then the young Geek said something that tipped the scales for me. “We always tell people that we can look at their computer, but no one will be here to do that until 8:00 in the morning and we already have several on the schedule tomorrow.”

So, he had lied then. The associate on the phone had been trained to tell me to bring it in, even if he knew that there would be no one there after 5:00. I was angry and frustrated. Not because Best Buy couldn’t fix my computer immediately but because they had not truthfully answered my question. A classic bait and switch.

Source: Speaking the Truth | LionSpeak

WOW click for the whole story. The quick version, according to Katherine, is that a tech at Best Buy lied to her on the phone in order to get her to bring in a misbehaving laptop.

The tech angle is obvious. She had a desperate hardware issue and she needed expert help. Or did she? Read the article to find out how she saved the day after Best Buy utterly failed her.

The second lesson is the dishonesty of the Best Buy employees. We can not know if this is company policy, I hope it is an isolated situation. As dental professionals we have an ethical, moral and legal obligation to put the needs of our patients above our own.

Based on Katherine’s story I would be reluctant to go to Best Buy in the future for any reason. How would people feel about coming to you as a dentist if word got out that you lied to patients?

Is it OK to lie to a patient  order to get them to come in to the office? When is it OK to lie to a patient?