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1.2 Billion Smartphones, Tablets To Be Bought Worldwide In 2013


While businesses have traditionally lagged consumer markets when it comes to adopting new devices, tablet sales to businesses are set to grow substantially in the coming years, according to Gartner. It’s predicting tablet purchases by businesses will grow 3x by 2016 — describing slates as “they key accelerator to mobility” for enterprises. Tablet purchases by businesses will reach 13 million units this year,

via Gartner: 1.2 Billion Smartphones, Tablets To Be Bought Worldwide In 2013; 821 Million This Year: 70% Of Total Device Sales | TechCrunch.

Two things of interest to dentists. Tablets and smart phones will increasingly be geared to business uses. That means we may soon see a tablet version of a major PMS like Dentrix that is designed to function smoothly with the main system. There are endless possibilities as to how this might look and work.

Second people will increasingly be using a mobile device to search and find things. Be sure you have a mobile optimized version of your web site. If for no other reason that to make it easy for patients quickly find your address and phone number.

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