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by Larry Emmott on November 19, 2011

in Tablet Computers

I am a long time user and a big fan of Kindle. Based on that I have been waiting for and looking forward to the new Kindle Fire. It hit the streets this week to rather mixed reviews. The PC Magazine review is linked below.

It seems that as an upgrade to the Kindle it is a big success as an alternative to an iPad it is suspect. Either way there are no immediate dental uses but if you are looking for an advanced e-reader that can also surf the net and deliver entertainment the Kindle Fire is worth checking out.

The Fire is the first small tablet that average users can pick up and immediately use, with a simple, clear interface. Then there’s the price: Android along with amazing specs for just $199… While the user interface occasionally gets sluggish, we’re willing to have a bit of patience to get a first-rate tablet for half of what most competitors charge, thus the Kindle Fire is our first Editors’ Choice for small tablets.

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