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Hands On With the New iPad

From PC Magazine

…the tablet Apple did release is gorgeous. Competing tablets don’t have apps, but at least they’re looking to have great hardware. Apple just slapped down industry-leading hardware along with an app ecosystem far better than anyone else can offer.

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The review makes two interesting points. Apple and the iPad have far more, very useful apps than the competitors. This seems to be the future of post desktop personal computing. Second the iPad3 is a fine piece of hardware.

I am a very satisfied user of an iPad2. At times I have made less than flattering remarks regarding Apple. Those remarks are not based on the quality of Apple products which are invariably excellent but are based on attitude. That is the attitude of Apple as a company and the attitude of a cadre of users. I find it is better to mock the arrogant and sanctimonious than to argue with them. 🙂

All that aside I firmly believe we will be using tablets in dentistry more and more. However at this time their use is limited.

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