Take Two Tablets and call me…

by Larry Emmott on January 20, 2010

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Several years ago Tablet style computers were the new hot thing. Well, that never happened. Now they are back as the new hot thing for 2010.

In the dental office we need our computers to be connected to the office network. Fast secure and reliable wireless connections have transformed mobile devices like a Tablet PC which connects to the office network using a WIFI connection. This allows the user true mobility. He/she can move from room to room, make entries while walking down the hall, send a message to the front desk and access charts, photos, x-rays, health information, prescription data and even the Internet from anywhere in the office.

It is possible to hand a Tablet to a patient sitting in the chair. The patient could then view their photos, see their chart or even use the Internet. For example it would be possible for the patient to connect to a financing service like Care Credit and apply for patient financing privately, online while sitting in the dental chair.

Will tablets take over dentistry in 2010? I don’t think so. I really like the idea but it would require a significant change in behavior as well as a change in hardware.


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