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TechCentral provides superior office technology solutions for dental practices. Request a Free Network Assessment for an individualized solution for your practice.

Source: TechCentral | Integrated Dental Technology Solutions

Start the new year with a tech check up. TechCentral from Henry Schein offers a free on-site tech assessment.

One of the most important items to check is your tech security. This includes basic HIPAA compliance as well as more basic issues such as anti malware and proper back ups.

In the early days of dental office automation finding a reliable IT provider was a real challenge. Dentists ended up hiring a patient’s neighbor’s kid who worked on computers in his spare time. Now the major dental supply companies like Henry Schein offer IT service and support.

IT has become a critical component of our dental offices. You need a reliable technology professional you can call on when you need them. Not only do they need to be reliable you need them to be familiar with the various dental software applications, HIPAA, data security and how they all work together.

Do not leave this critical component to chance. If you aren’t sure of your IT status take the free assessment.

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