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Teeny Tiny Computers

One of the big concerns dentists have about using computers in the treatment rooms is the space. We usually end up wedging a full size tower into the side or back cabinet. However there are several options, like putting the computer in the monitor or even the keyboard. However one of the smallest options on display at CES were the microcomputers from McrNorhtec. here

As you can see in the photo these computers are tiny, but have all the functionality and connections of a typical desktop computer. They can easily fit just about anywhere. They are also surprisingly inexpensive. One of the reasons they are so small is that they have no fans. That makes them quiet as well. However it also limits the computing speed. Because of the limitations these machines may not yet be ideal for dental offices. Never the less they show that in the future we will have computers designed to fit into our cabinets and not the other way around.

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