The 8 Best Computer LCD Monitors

As the linked PC Magazine article mentions LCD monitors come in many flavors and have significantly different qualities. My first instinct (and that of a lot of dentists I know) is to get the cheapest. As usual you get what you pay for.

Often when I have worked with a dental office that was frustrated with using digital x-rays the issue was not the sensor. (the dentist always assumes it is the sensor) The issue was the monitor. In order to diagnose well with digital x-rays you want a monitor with small pixel size and high contrast. Your $79 special monitor from Walmart just won’t cut it. The following article will help you determine which qualities matter and which models will work in a dental office.

Monitors can be broken down into several categories, classified by price range and intended use, from gaming and entertainment to business use, to professional grade displays for photo and video editing. For a closer look at each category, and what to look for when selecting yours, check out How to Buy an LCD Monitor.

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PS, a front desk business computer does not need the same quality monitor as a clinical diagnostic computer. Since most x-rays are taken in the hygiene room you can make a good argument that the hygienist needs the best monitor in the building.

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