The Incredible Shrinking Computer

From Andy Marken:

Carrying a computer around with you used to be a sign of manhood. Then they became tolerable. Finally a fantastic work and fashion statement. Now we’re at the point that you can put yours down and misplace it. They’re almost as bad as your keys or USB flash drive. At last month’s Intel Developers Forum (IDF) they showed us systems of every size, shape and price. The “hot n sexy” subject was netbooks that would be so light you’d carry them with you all the time and do all your work/storage in the cloud…as long as the cloud wasn’t overcast. Then they showed off the UMDs (ultra mobile devices) that proves what happens when species cross breed. Sure kids can thumb them but touch typing is a lost cause. We’ll consider some level of note/netbooking in the future but hey…we just purchased a new notebook so we’re good for oh six months. But a phone that does it all? Sorry, not ready for carpel thumb syndrome yet.

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