The iPad For Suits

The tech industry media is all a twitter over tablets and the future demise of the desktop. Of course this is based mostly on the initial media driven success of the iPad and in my opinion a lot of wishful thinking. I do not see desktops disappearing from the dental office any time soon. What I do see are purpose designed units, like tablets, that we will be using to solve specific problems.

The linked article is to a Cisco (Android) tablet that is intended to compete with the iPad for the business market. As the article says tablets are not yet effective as busniness productivity machines but are app driven. Cisco sees their machine as a web meeting device.

I do see a time when we do not assign computers to a place, that is to a treatment room or a desk space, but we do assign a computer to a person. The computer then goes with the person from place to place and task to task. This is a very cool and techno hip idea (like the iPad) but so far it has not worked in actual practice.

The Cisco Cius, on the other hand, wants to be the consummate professional’s tablet.

via Cisco’s Android Tablet Wants to Be the iPad For Suits.

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