Hardware Management Paperless

The Technology Infrastructure

Developing a digital dental office starts with the technology infrastructure. The first step is to install and use good, complete, integrated practice management software like Dentrix, Practice Works or Eaglesoft.

Most dentists start here but some miss it. If you aren’t using a complete management system, designed to be used clinically, with some form of paperless chart then you aren’t ready for the next step.

The second step is to establish a network with treatment room based computers. In other words, computers in the operatory. Computers in the treatment rooms is one of the fastest growing trends in dentistry. The are many reasons for this, however the most compelling is that a computer in the treatment room is the most logical and the most effective way to use computers in dentistry.

What makes treatment room computers so powerful is that they allow for the electronic transfer of information from the clinical area to the administrative area then on to anywhere it may be needed, including a third party. Treatment room computers are the first leg in the digital nervous system.

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