Top 5 Business Uses For The iPad

by Larry Emmott on August 10, 2011

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 I am a big fan of tablet computers … in theory. The idea and concept seems great and the millions of iPad users certainly validate the form. Yet I am still looking for a great “killer” app for tablets in the dental office. The attached article outlines five uses. Some of which, filling out forms and viewing video, have already been used in dentistry.

However I still feel there is some better more important use that Tablets will perform. I would like to see them go with the doctor from room to room as an electronic chart. This is certainly possible yet I have not seen anyone do it. 

Sure, the iPad is a great device for viewing videos and photos, playing games and surfing the Web, but it can also be an excellent addition to the workplace.

via Top 5 Business Uses For The iPad : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum.

UPDATE: I just bought an iPad yesterday. After all I have written about Android tablets and despite my irrational aversion to MAC I decided I needed to get with the program and when all is said and done the iPad does seem to be the best tablet option.

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