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ZDNet lists their top five performing PDAs. I always find these reviews useful, however this one has a curious twist. The first four listed run on the Windows mobile OS and only the Tungsten uses the more popular Palm OS. Also the windows based PDAs cost $400 and up the Palm is closer to $200. mmmmm?

CNET Labs results are in: top PDA performers

When you’re shopping for a PDA, there’s no doubt design and features are important, but if it doesn’t work well, what’s the point? That’s why performance results are such an integral part of our reviews. Our dedicated CNET Labs team works hard behind the scenes to put these handheld devices through their paces, testing battery life, graphics, and CPU performance, among other things so that you can have the information you need to make the right buying decision.

These five PDAs scored top marks in our Labs’ tests, delivering a combination of solid battery life, fast performance, and outstanding graphics. Read our reviews to find out which top performer is for you.

The top five:

HP iPaq hx2750 Dell Axim X50 HP iPaq Pocket PC hx4700 Garmin iQue M5 Palm Tungsten E2

Read all about it here:Top-performing PDAs – ZDNet: Reviews

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