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Treatment Room Computers

The development of an amazing array of digital devices to attach and integrate with the treatment room computer has completely changed the concept of dental computer use. It has also changed the basic treatment room computer requirements.

Computers in the treatment rooms have gone from simple data entry business machines to multimedia patient education and communication stations. For example, in addition to practice management software a treatment room computer could have digital radiographs, patient education, digital image management, multiple monitors, sound and speakers, multiple inputs, computerized probes, voice charting, light pens, video input, a CD-ROM, a modem, DVD and even a blood pressure cuff. 

For this reason the treatment room computer, especially if you wish to do image management needs to be the biggest and fastest machine in the office. If your office is going in this ultra high tech direction you will need treatment room computers with at least a Pentium 4 2.8GHz processor, 526 MB RAM (1BG of RAM is even better) a DVD drive to show movies, USB connections and sound cards with speakers. You will not need a big hard drive for storage. Usually the images and other data will be stored on the server. Get the smallest hard drive available, which is usually around 20 GB.  

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