Treatment Room Monitors

by Larry Emmott on June 9, 2009

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Where to put the treatment room computer monitors is a dilemma for many offices.

Monitors need to be positioned so that the assistant can access it easily to input data, such as chairside charting, while maintaining contact with the dentist and patient. They also need to be close enough for the dentist to view radiographs or photos for diagnosis, or to read the chart. And finally they need to be in a position that the patient can view them to see their own photos, slide shows or patient education programs.

In addition there is the patient / practice issue / privacy. Sometimes you just don’t want the patient seeing what is displayed.

One solution to this problem is a movable monitor on a bracket or arm. The problem with this solution is that like all movable equipment it is never where you want it and moving it to the proper position takes time, breaks asepsis and tends not to get done. Also the brackets needed to support the equipment often cost more than the computer. For example the very elegant under chair radius arms sell for $1,100. You could buy three monitors or a whole new computer for the cost of the bracket.

The second solution is multiple monitors. One, the practice monitor, placed at the 12 to 2 o’clock position for the assistant and two, the patient monitor, placed at 5 or 9 o’clock for the patient and dentist. The practice monitor can be small 17″. The patient monitor will be used for patient display and should be large and impressive, 19″ or bigger.

Dual monitors allow the user to have two monitors showing completely different things. This is done by extending the desktop. That means you can view different windows, like a chart in behind the patient on the practice monitor and patient education in front on the patient monitor. However you can not input data simultaneously in both monitors, there is still only one active window even though there are two monitors.

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jens June 10, 2009 at 6:47 am

i connected two monitors to the graphics card and this wors perfectly.
i very much prefer the fact that you can show two different things.
most graphic cards support dual monitor anyway (i bought my one from amazon for £25)

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