Troubleshooting Tips Your IT Guy Doesn’t Want You to Know

by Larry Emmott on January 4, 2018

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Tech Secrets:

If you own a computer, you’re going to find yourself in need of a “techie” someday. Your computer will slow down and stop working efficiently, or worse, it will crash completely and you’ll be visited by the black screen of death. When that day comes, you’ll call a tech guy (or gal) and hand your computer and all its precious — and very personal — data over to a complete stranger.

Source: Tech Secrets: Troubleshooting Tips Your IT Guy Doesn’t Want You to Know

The linked article has a lot of good practical information including the warning that your personal info, like embarrassing photos and such, will be open to the techie fixing your crashed computer. As dentists we have the added concern of patient info, what HIPAA calls PHI Protected Health Information.

You need a BAA agreement with any tech company you do business with especially if you give them access to your data drives. The BAA states that the IT company has the same obligations and liabilities regarding PHI as the dental office.

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