Ultimate Mouse Smack-Down

Look here: ExtremeTech’s Ultimate Mouse Smack-Down

What do you call more than one mouse? Is it mice (it is for animals) or is it mouses if you are referring to the HI type of mouse (By the way HI is cool geek slang for Human Interface). If you have more than two is it a pack, or a herd or just a bunch? Whatever Extreme Tech has a very cool article about some of the best and worse mice of 2006. And don’t miss the Fanatec He├Ąd$h0t “The most over featured mouse ever”.

In this journal of reflection, we muster up the outstanding mice we’ve encountered this year, even some from yesteryear, to recommend the best rodent-like input devices in several categories—gaming, general computing, ergonomics, and about a dozen more.

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