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Ultra-Thin Dongles Make It Easy To Add Biometric Security

From Gizmodo:

Designed to work alongside the biometric security options in the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Synaptics’ new USB scanners manage to shrink fingerprint readers down to a minuscule dongle that you can leave attached to your computer at all times

Source: Ultra-Thin Dongles Make It Easy To Add Biometric Security To Your Old Laptop

Dental offices are notoriously bad at using passwords. The most common option I see is the “All Same Sticky” method. That means everybody has the same basic password which is written on a sticky note stuck to the computer.

There are plenty of reasons we use All Same Sticky, it is just too time consuming and too much of a hassle to set up layers of access and require individual password for both logon and software access. And it works…until it doesn’t. All Same Sticky is like giving everyone a key to the cash drawer and then trying to figure out who did it when the money goes missing.

A reasonable alternative to secret complex passwords is a biometric or other logon device. This simple USB option could be added to existing office computers without the need to replace a lot of expensive hardware.

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