Usin’ Boomer

Boomer is the best foot controlled mouse I have ever used.

boomer closeup

That is good but frankly the others I have tried did not work well at all.

Boomer is sturdy and stable. You move the cursor by pressing on a black disk, push forward to go up, right to go right etc. Other designs I have tried you pushed the whole device around the floor. Both systems are much harder to use than a hand mouse but Boomer is certainly easier than the whole foot moves version. You will be shocked at how poor your foot toe coordination is, especially for fine movements, compared to your fingers and hands.

Once you have nudged the cursor over the proper icon you click by transferring your foot to a different black disc. Right for right click and left for left click. This works but it is a bit awkward. I would like to be able to click just by pressing down on the central disc.

Boomer was designed for the dental office but it has many other uses. It is wonderful for people without the use of their hands or for any job that requires the user to keep his/her hands free.

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