Wearable Tech May Know You’re About To Get Sick

by Larry Emmott on January 19, 2017

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During tests on wearable tech to discover how they could be used in health matters, professor Micheal Snyder noticed the readings showed a higher than usual heart rate, higher skin temperature, and lower blood oxygen levels.

The unusual activity was striking because he felt fine. The sudden onset of a low fever convinced him to see a doctor, and he wondered if it was the onset of Lyme disease, having recently spent some time in a rural area where he may have picked it up…

Source: Wearable Tech May Know You’re About To Get Sick | Digital Trends

Another step to a working Tricorder.

I believe all this incredible diagnostic tech will have a profound effect on the future and improve the human condition. My biggest concern at this point remains security. The Internet of things (IOT), of which this device is a proud member, is notoriously vulnerable to hackers. If people do not believe their personal health data will be private and secure they will be unwilling to use these types of devices, despite the obvious advantages.

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