Hardware Security

When the Worst Happens

datalossCBy far the worst thing that could happen to a dental office computer system is the failure of the server hard drive. If this happens the dental office has no access to data. The best way to protect yourself is to have two additional copies of the data. The first is a second hard drive or a BDR computer in the office. The second is an offsite copy or backup. Backup technology has continued to improve over the years, at this time the best option for most dentists is a web based cloud back up.

However you store and copy your data it needs to be encrypted. HIPAA rules and professional ethics require us to protect patient confidentiality. If a thief breaks in and steals your server that is a data breach. The only defense you have in that case is encryption.

Small, annoying, yet non critical technology failures may also happen.  This could be the failure of a monitor or a software glitch. It is a good idea to train a team member to deal with these minor issues. Not only will it reduce your IT expense it will get you up and running much faster.

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