A review from PC Magazine, read it all here Give the Gift of Vision

Even a powerful desktop with the latest components isn’t much fun if your monitor isn’t up to snuff. In fact, a mighty PC possessing Herculean 3D graphics and an excellent CPU will always appear hum drum when operated through a small outdated LCD. Likewise, a fancy monitor is certain to add appeal and enjoyment to an otherwise aging system. If you get one with a TV tuner, it can double as your TV, too saving precious dorm room space. And the best part, you’ll likely pay less than you think for such luxury.
When choosing a widescreen, a good one should have a wide selection of ports to connect to various devices around your home. For example, many modern LCDs now feature both analog VGA and digital HDMI inputs to accommodate old and new graphics cards. And if you’re lucky your monitor will also sport component video inputs for attaching game consoles and other consumer electronics. The main benefit of a widescreen LCD, of course, is its wider format. Even though these stretched out screens offer a little less in actual screen area, they make for better letterbox DVD viewing and high-resolution 3D gaming.

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