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REMINDER: XP Support Ends Today

windowsXP_end-of-lifeToday is the Day

If you have computers running Windows XP, and many US dentists do, you should replace them. Microsoft will no longer support XP after today, April 8, 2014. Why is that a problem?

The problem is not that your computer might stop working the problem is that the cyberspace is filled with bad guys just waiting to pounce on your vulnerable machines.

This is from Paul Myer a Microsoft Product Specialist.

“We know that the first six to twelve months after support for Windows XP ends, it will be ripe for hackers.  We also know several international hacking groups have already developed exploits they plan to release when support ends.”

As dental professionals we have an ethical and a legal obligation to protect our patient’s personal information, including both medical data and personal information such as name, address, birthday, social security numbers and most sensitive of all credit card numbers. If you continue using XP your data will be at risk and you could face severe penalties.

AzDA Inscriptions Magazine has the full article:

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