You won’t believe what they do to this hard drive!!

by Larry Emmott on April 14, 2010

in Hardware,Security

OK, You have all your dental office files stored on the computer. Patient records, financial records, your schedule and reems of photos and x-rays. Then the office burns down. What happens to the computer data? If you have a typical hard drive it is toast. However  fire, water and the sky falling are all in a days work for the ioSafe. The first link is to an amusing (and amazing) BBC feature showing the hard drive actually being tortured. (Not for the squeamish 🙂 ) The quote and the second link is to an article describing the product and how it works.

Put to the test BBC Video

“The choice is, if you’re buying an external hard drive, do you want the pretty red one or one that’s super-safe?”

via Auburn’s ioSafe aims for invulnerable data storage – Sacramento Business, Housing Market News | Sacramento Bee.

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