ZDNet’s Business Buying Guide: Servers

Servers for your business
By Christopher Null

Need help choosing a new server? Here’s how to pick the right model for your office–whatever your needs and budget.

Any machine can ostensibly work as a server, but performance counts far more here than it does for any desktop or notebook PC. After all, if your server is under too much strain, it’ll slow down your whole network.

Once you notice your network is slow or erratic, don’t immediately rip out your PCs, buy an expensive T1, or upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet. Take a close look at your server first: Server disk drive and RAM bottlenecks are two of the most common culprits when it comes to network performance problems.

Read the whole article here: ZDNet’s Business Buying Guide: Servers – ZDNet: Reviews It can save you a lot of time and money! The article notes that any entry level server should handle up to 20 users (which includes most dental offices) and cost about $2500. Also concentrate your budget on disk space and RAM, not fluff like a CDRW or Xenon processors.

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