‘Global Spending Target’

by Larry Emmott on September 9, 2012

in Health Care Politics

 By Paul Hsieh, MD.

In other words, if doctors follow government practice guidelines, they will be protected from malpractice lawsuits. But if doctors stray from those guidelines and anything goes wrong, they must take their chances in court. This will create tremendous pressure on physicians to practice government-approved “cookbook medicine.”…

Note that pundits don’t debate whether to impose a national cap on private cellphone spending. That’s because our relatively free market has driven cellphone prices so low that even many of the poorest Americans can afford one.

via PJ Media » In Top Journal, Obamacare Boosters Push ‘Global Spending Target’.

 If you limit the amount people are allowed to spend on health care it is not rationing as long as you call it a “Global Spending Target”. Hmmm. But that is just the beginning, regulations beget more regulations. Worth reading.

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